Once you’ve decided upon the property to invest in, your most important decision will be who to work with to get your financing. We hope we will be your next important decision.

Our experience in all aspects of commercial lending will bring you peace of mind. Our proven strategies, expansive network of contacts and tenacity in pushing even the most complex negotiations forward, will make your vision a reality.

Parkview Capital sets itself apart from other firms by our highly individualized, custom solutions to complex funding requirements. We are truly a hands–on, senior team of financial professionals. And we offer the most personalized service in the business. Our niche is to offer all the bells and whistles of the bigger firms, with the conscientious, white–glove responsiveness of a small company. We think we offer the best of both worlds.


Larry Rothschild | President

Michele Autera | Vice President,

Larry Rothschild

“Twenty years experience in banking and finance has taught me a few things,” says Larry Rothschild, president of Parkview Capital. “For one thing, it’s not only about the deal––it’s about all the relationships in financing the deal. I’ve learned that by spending the time to understand what kind of relationship each party is comfortable with makes the ultimate financing solution swift and easy. There’s just no substitute for doing your homework.”

As president of Parkview Capital, Larry knows what he’s talking about. He founded a mortgage company where he managed the day–to–day operations, developed business strategies and implemented new marketing approaches resulting in an increase in gross receipts of 110%.

But most important, over the years, Larry has established and retained quality relationships with national financial institutions, such as banks, conduits, life companies and pension plans. He knows who has the money and what it takes for them to lend it.

“Our edge in this business is that we are the ultimate matchmakers. We don’t waste anyone’s time. We know everyone’s comfort zone and we stay in it. When we put a financing application in front of a lender; I’ve made sure we fit their model. It sounds simple, but of course, like everything else that seems simple, there is an art to it—a way of listening and observing that twenty years in the business teaches you.”

Larry Rothschild | President

Michele Autera | Vice President,

Michele Autera

“The most important part of my job is making sure that all of our lenders are getting what they need,“ explains Michele Autera, vice president of Parkview Capital. ”And of course running the infrastructure of the office.“

With more than twenty years experience, Michele has held leadership positions in the mortgage industry.

Michele is a dynamic individual who is able to grasp the big picture quickly, negotiate with decision makers and get the job done.

“Having been on the banking side of the table, I understand the process better than most. And I use that knowledge every day.”