We make commercial financing happen. We make closings a smooth process. And we create competition for your deal.

Our entire process—from initial analysis to final execution—is devoted to offering you the greatest array of financing options, the greatest value, the best pricing and the maximum leverage.

The critical difference between our company and others is that our lending sources love us. We know what they want and we tailor all of our communications to meet their specific needs. We also create a competative environment that forces the market to compete for your business.

We call this ”creating a market“. We study their preferences and limits. We present your deal in the best possible light. Lenders know that whatever we put in front of them has been carefully packaged to make their jobs easier—and your request very attractive, even in the preflight phase.

This simple strategy is backed up with our deep knowledge of the industry and our commitment to moving mountains.

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In the multi–family property market, we are known for facilitating all of our transactions with clear strategies and tactics, and offering borrowers the widest variety of products. We’ve arranged millions of dollars of transactions involving all types of multi–family properties –– from those with only a few units to large complexes with hundreds of residences. We offer direct access to a wide range of capital resources, including Fannie Mae, national and local banks, Wall Street mortgage conduits, and insurance companies. And with our proven track record and strong network of lenders, we can offer refinancing with maximum diversity in terms, rates and lending sources.

Retail Properties

If you have plans to revitalize a strip center, overhaul a regional mall or build a power mall and lifestyle center, you will need a partner who can guide you through the qualifying network that leads to the kind of capital that will transform your plans into reality.

Retail properties can present challenges to lenders because of fluctuating variables. Whether you have challenges such as tenant turnover, high vacancy, or below market cash flow, we can strategize a plan that will find the right lender with the right deal.

Parkview Capital has strong relationships with a broad range of lenders who understand the nuances and needs of the retail property investor.


For both investor and developer, today’s market offers exciting opportunities in office properties. Our highly professional team is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of the office property financing. We can efficiently capitalize your investment and maximize the potential of new or existing properties because we have excellent relationships with a wide range of lenders who specialize in office property new acquisitions and refinancing.

Industrial Properties

Industrial properties are not what they used to be. Today, new industrial buildings and older warehouses are becoming attractive for a variety of alternate uses: retail space, research and development, and even flex products. For the savvy investor and visionary, repositioning older structures and acquiring or developing new ones can change the way an entire community does business. Parkview Capital’s skill and experience in determining financing strategy and positioning investors with lenders will ensure your close will be obstacle–free.

Ground–Up Construction or Existing–Use Conversion Properties

The hottest trend in the real estate market is converting existing office or industrial properties into residential properties. The place to be at the moment is in metropolitan areas experiencing housing shortages. Getting financing to convert such properties, or build a residential complex in a former business/findustrial location can be tricky to finance. It requires working closely with several regional lending institutions that are familiar with the local market’s zoning issues, ordinances and trends to support this newest transition. We, at Parkview Capital, have a broad network of lenders that can finance these properties and we know how to drive the process to a quick and successful conclusion.

Mixed–Use Properties

Mixed–use properties have traditionally been found in urban markets. Today, however, new developments in the suburbs have found that mixing residential and retail space is a highly functional way to knit a community together—especially senior communities. When approaching lenders for purchasing, refurbishing or developing these kinds of properties, it’s important to have a skilled and experienced team that can effectively strategize and position your application, while maximizing loan dollars and flexibility. Whether your building has only one corner deli or a majority of retail tenants, we know how to get the most capital with the most flexibility.

Self–Storage Properties

Self–storage may not be as glamorous as other investment properties, but there is no denying that investors are finding them quite rewarding. If you have your eye on such a property, we can connect you with sources of capital who understand the seasonal and economic cycles of this industry—whether you seek to build or expand a self–storage facility.